Credit Hawk Notices: Automated Notices that Enhance Collection and Protect Lien Rights.

Protecting Lien Rights and Accelerating Payments

CreditHawk Notices is a proprietary web-based software solution that automates the process of issuing pre-lien notices and related documents to property owners, contractors, and bonding companies to enhance collection and protect the lien rights of suppliers of materials, rented or leased equipment, or labor. CreditHawk Notices are delivered as required to protect lien rights: consistently, in a timely manner, with the correct state-specific content. CreditHawk Notices is cost-efficient, providing substantial savings over issuing notices manually or outsourcing to a third party. And CreditHawk Notices is the only comprehensive, end-to-end pre-lien notice service: from gathering and packaging all required data – client-provided and from multiple external sources – through preparing, mailing, tracking and verifying delivery.


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